Dorsey James

Dorsey James, now Canadian, was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After four years as a jet aircraft mechanic in the US Air Force, he immigrated to Toronto and eventually studied Visual Arts and Education at York University. His sculptures have been exhibited across Canada as well as in the United States and Germany. He lives with his family in Pickering, Ontario, continues to teach high school, and was recently awarded a commission by the Trillium Foundation for his waterfront sculpture entitled "Home Place".

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Shane Clodd

Shane Clodd, a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, has been apprenticing under Dorsey James on the Home Place project since work on the sculptures began sixteen months ago. An avid sculptor and artist, Shane was recently commissioned by the Markham Museum as their exhibit designer for "Faces and Places in Markham's History" a new exhibit scheduled to open soon. He lives in Markham and works at Alias|Wavefront, a high-end graphics software company, which specializes in 3D animation and visual effects. Alias|Wavefront's software has been used in movies such as Final Fantasy, Star Wars Episode 1 and Lord of the Rings, to name a few.

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