Kijimba Kind

These carvings are called Kijimba Kind. The term is comprised of two words and meanings from three different cultures. The word Kijimba comes from the Bambara people of black Africa. It means spirit. As it applies to these carvings, it takes into account three spirits: the spirit of the character carved, the spirit of the material and finally the spirit of the carver. The word Kind is from white Germany. It is taken from the word Kinder, which means children. i.e. kindergarden. In the English language, kind refers to a type, like mankind. It is, also a word that refers to the warmer or gentler side of a person's nature i.e a kind person._ I have taken these words from cultural and racial extremes in an effort to reflect all races as black and white incorporates all colours and values.

Kijimba Kind are, then, spirit children or children of the spirit from all types and colours. They symbolize our history as well as the diversity of our religions, our myth and our legend. They are reminiscent of the kinder, gentler side of who we are and who we may someday be.

Kijimba Kind are carved from recycled hydro poles which were used to bring the light and communication into our homes. As Kijimba Kind it is hoped that these same poles will rekindle and maintain that light for all who have that spiritual need and inspire meaningful communication which is so necessary in our personal lives as well as in our community "Home Place"

_ _________________Dorsey_ James